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International Pet Transport Services by Relopet

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of relocating to another country with your pet? Relopet recognise international pet transport services provider that your life would be incomplete without your furry friends, so we make sure that you may take your pet with you wherever you go at Relopet South Africa. 

We will transport your pets to you wherever you choose, on any continent. We are one of the most reliable pet travel services. We want to relocate your pet safely and securely while also making the procedure as painless as possible for you by taking care of all legalities and arrangements at a comparable fee. We do everything we can to guarantee that your pet’s international transportation is as smooth and safe as possible.

Relopet is here to take care of your pet relocation needs in a safe and ethical manner. This means we’ll take care of all of your pets’ flights, veterinary requirements for international pet travel, origin and destination ground transportation, kenneling, and more.


We’d like to point out that pet travel differs significantly from human travel. Importing pets can be a difficult procedure, so make sure you carefully follow the instructions supplied by your specialised pet travel expert.

We specialise in the importation of dogs, cats, and birds, but we can also help you with the importation of other household pets. If you have a different sort of pet, please contact us so that we can see if it is permitted to be imported.

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