FAQ'S About All the Courier for Pet

Is Courier for Pet Transport Safe?

For the most Courier for Pet is very safe. They travel in a pressurised, temperature-controlled dimly lit section of the cargo hold, where the travel crates are safely strapped into position by trained airline staff. It may be of some comfort to know that the captain of the aircraft sets the temperature of the cargo hold. When animals are travelling the temperature is generally set to approximately 18 degrees Celsius. Relopet have the safest Courier for Pets.

Which travel crate will my pet travel in?

Your pet needs to travel in a crate compliant with their dimensions. See our how to measure your pet page. As most international airlines charge according to volume and not weight the crate size heavily affects ticket prices. It is therefore helpful to use a crate appropriate for your pet. Relopet can provide custom made IATA compliant travel crates or give you guidelines on what the ideal crate size of courier for pet would be based on their accurate dimensions. Relopet provide the best courier for pets and Animal Travel Services, Contact Number: 0712243248

What happens before, during and after the flight?

Once lodged at the airline terminal for the flight the airline staff place your pet in a special waiting area. Your pet will be last to be loaded onto the flight. On the flight the pets are secured into position
Pets are the first off, the plane and are then taken to the cargo terminal.

Can my pet’s favourite toy or blanket travel with them?

Small soft toys are allowed to travel with your pet. Customs prevents natural products such as sheepskin or wool from travelling. Pet food, bones, and anything metal, are not allowed.

Can I give my pet a meal or treat before they fly?

To avoid travel sickness, it is recommended you don’t feed your pet at least six hours before their travel time.

How long before take-off must pets arrive at the airport?

Major airports servicing domestic flights require pets to be at the airport 90 – 120 minutes before departure. Should your pet be travelling internationally we will inform you on all the requirements needed for your specified route and flight.

What is door to door service?

Your pet will be collected by a Relopet pet handling specialist and transported to premium holding facilities before travelling. At the appropriate time, we will courier for pets to the airport to make their journey to their new home.

How much does it cost to put a dog/cat on a plane?

The cost is related to the size and weight of your pet as well as the volume of the container they travel in. We can give you a customised quote depending on your specific destination.

How do I collect my pets after they have flown?

You would collect your pets from the cargo area of the airport. Depending on your destination country we may be able to assist with contacts able to deliver your pet to your new home for you if needed,

Where on the plane does my pet fly?

Most planes have a specialised cargo hold which is temperature controlled and pressurised to make the pets comfortable. The hold is dimly lit which helps the dogs and cats to settle nicely during the flight.

Do they have to go into quarantine?

Australia and New Zealand both require a 10-day quarantine stay on arrival.
Most other destinations do not but we can advise on what is required by your destination country.

Can my pet travel on the same flight as me?

Yes, this is possible but not all flights carry pets. We will always try our best to get you on the same flight. If this is not possible due to availability, we will get you on the closest flight possible.

Can my pet be sedated for the flight?

No. It has been proven that sedated animals have a higher mortality rate during flights.

Can my pets share a crate?

It is usually possible for cats to share a crate with a mesh divider separating them. This ensures that they are together, but separate enough to keep them safe from each other