International Pet Transport

Things To Think About Before You Take International Pet Transport Services

What paperwork will you need in the country you’re moving to? What climate could you expect ? and when’s the best time for you and your pet to go?. Is the food your pet is currently eating available there? Are there any medications your pet need, and are they obtainable at your destination after taking our International Pet Transport?

Four brown border collie dogs sitting next to each other

We Are International Pet Transport Services Provider here to Help

We offer the following:

  • Preparation of all local and international travel documents.
  • Qualified Veterinary surgeons on hand to assist with required vet work, or to guide your own vet by sending through a detailed vet plan to follow. This will ensure everything gets done correctly and on time.
  • The most direct route available to your destination.
  • Access to our temperature-controlled pet travel vans, to pick up your pet.
  • The option to customs clear and deliver your pet to your final destination

How Do I Know My Pet(s) Will Be Safe?

Your pet(s) will fly in a pressurised cabin with the temperature set by the captain at a comfortable 18ºC.

Your pet’s welfare and comfort is our number one priority. We will ensure that they have the happiest and safest journey possible to their new home.

What Is The Next Step?

Contact relopet to make arrangements for your pets journey.