Travel Crates

Providing the Best Dog Travel Crate & Cat Carry Cage

Your pet being sized accurately and appropriately is one of the single most important elements of ensuring your pet will travel safely and comfortably.

At Relopet SA we supply custom made IATA approved travel crates from Dog Travel Crate to Cat Carry Cage. Most airlines charge plane tickets according to Volume Kg weight vs actual weight so the size of the crate the animals travel in also has a direct impact on their plane ticket cost.

Ensuring the welfare of the pet travelling is our number one priority

Wooden or plastic pet travel carriers are available. IATA-approved hardwood transport crates are available from Relopet South Africa , as well as airline-approved plastic kennels.


Our skilled craftsmen build the wooden travel crates from high-quality wood in accordance with all airline and IATA rules, ensuring that they are sturdy, secure, and safe while still providing adequate ventilation to keep your dogs in peak condition before and after their journey. Comfort is crucial, especially because the travel crate will be their home base for several hours while on the road. With this in mind, Relopet has created its own Pet Travel Bedding, which is custom-fit for each pet travel crate.

If you plan on travelling with your pet frequently, a plastic crate is preferable to a wooden box because the wooden box is theoretically only good for one use, but if kept indoors away from external weather conditions, all working parts are in good working order, and country requirements permit, it can be used again.


The plastic kennels must be composed of a durable composite material with an integrated iron door (plastic doors are not permitted). Door hinges and locking pins must extend at least 1.6 cm (5/8 in) beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door opening

How To Measure Your Pet

  • A. Length in cm = Nose to base of tail – tail excluded
  • B. Length of front leg in cm = Floor to Elbow joint
  • C. Width in cm = At the widest point
  • D. Height in cm = Floor to top of head or ear tips while standing whichever is higher
If your Dog is a Brachycephalic breed, please choose a crate that is one size larger to give your Dog more ventilation and space to move.

We offer airline-approved custom made travel crates like Dog Travel Crate and Cat Carry Cage as part of our service

The following are some crucial considerations to make while choosing a container for your pet’s travels:

  • Our excellent IATA approved hardwood transport crates are manufactured by Animal Travel Services.
  • We can also provide IATA-approved plastic kennels.
  • The IATA criteria must always be met by your dogs' travel kennel.
  • It's critical to get the right size travel kennel for your cherished pet.
  • There is no such thing as an excessively small or excessively huge box.
We recommend that you measure your pet so that we can choose the proper transport container for them.

Please follow the instructions below to provide us with accurate measurements for your dogs and cats so that the Dog Travel Crate and Cat Carry Cage is made of accurate measurement.

If you’re buying your own travel kennel, make sure to provide enough space for a blanket and a water bowl.