Pet Travel To The UAE

What Type Of Pets Are Allowed Into The UAE?

Puppies and kittens are only allowed into the UAE if they are at least 15 weeks old and have been vaccinated against Rabies. Each person is allowed to bring a maximum of two pets to the UAE, with each pet requiring an import permit. Puppies and kittens under the age of 27 weeks from countries with a high frequency of rabies cases are not allowed to enter the UAE. Pet Import Dubai: Relopet can transport pets from South Africa to any location in the world thanks to our many years of experience. Relopet stay up to speed on the newest changes in each country’s rules and procedures, providing you piece of mind when bringing your pet into the country. We’re for a reason one of the best pet relocation services, Dubai.

The UAE also does not allow the following dog breeds into the country:

  • Bull Terrier (all kinds)
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Brazilian Fighting Dog
  • Mastiff (all kinds)
  • Rottweiler
  • Argentinian Fighting Dog
  • Wolf Dog Hybrid (or any dog that is a wolf mix)
  • American Bully
  • Pinscher, Boxer
  • Canario Presa
  • Doberman (any type)

If you want to bring your hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, or other small mammal, it must be microchipped and travel with a health certificate.



Microchipping And Vaccinations

Your pet must be microchipped with an ISO compliant microchip. This should feature a 15-digit, non-encrypted number with up to date details about the pet.

Your pet should also be accompanied by a vet certificate stating that all its vaccinations are up to date with details about the vaccine, the manufacturer, expiration date and batch number.

Cats need to be vaccinated against calicivirus, Feline rhinotracheitis and panleukopenia.

Dogs should have current leptospirosis, Distemper, parvovirus and canine hepatitis vaccine record.

In addition, you need to show proof that your dog or cat has been treated against internal and external parasites within 10 days of travel.

You will need to show proof that your pet has had a Rabies vaccine at least 21 days before arriving in the UAE and no more than 12 months before arrival. The vaccine certificate must show the Rabies vaccine’s manufacturer, the expiry date and batch number.

Blood Tests

An original, signed vet certificate is required for all pets entering the UAE. The certificate should state that your pet has been examined and found fit to fly 24 hours before leaving South Africa and has no external parasites.


Quarantine In The UAE

There is no quarantine for dogs traveling into the UAE. However, cats need to be quarantined 14 days before traveling and must be accompanied by an addendum to the health certificate stating that this has taken place and that the cat shows no signs of illness.

Regulations For Pets Entering The UAE

There are various rules governing the best pet relocation services, Dubai. Firstly, your pet must enter through one of the approved entry points:

  • Dubai airport
  • Abu Dhabi airport
  • RAK airport
  • El Bateen
  • Sharjah
  • Al Ain Airport
  • Ajman
  • Fujairah


A CITES declaration is required for all birds, turtles and reptiles entering the UAE. The CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) should attest that your pet is not protected against this regulation.